Kits for WINDOWSKits for ANDROID
On Youtube you can watch some clips on static and dynamic inspection using EddySmart.
Instrument kits for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Version NF: 400 Hz..20 kHz inspection frequency
Version HF: 500 Hz.. 5 MHz  inspection frequency
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Eddy current inspection – what is that? MORE
Learn eddy current inspection playing!  MORE
Exercises with EddyCation - MORE
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Your Galaxy smartphone starting from
Android 5 (API 21) becomes an eddy
current instrument.
Plug the probe directly into the headset
jack and run the app coming with the kit.

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Training topics for Windows versionsTraining topics for Android versions
Alloys and treatments can be distinguised by
their electro-magnetic properties. MORE
Cracks reduce eddy current density even if they
are hiding below the surface. MORE
Material sorting according to electric
and magnetic properties.
Crack inspection on aluminium unsing
a differential probe.
Wall reduction weakens eddy current flow,
so corrosion can be detected. MORE
Certain materials have anisotropic properties,
which are detectable with eddy currents. MORE
Crack inspection on austinitic steel
using an absolute probe.
Crack inspection in aluminium using
an absolute probe.
Rotating specimen for filter adjustment training. MORE
LOW PASS: Suppresses high frequency disturbances from external sources
HIGH PASS: Gives the signal a standard shape with one maximum and two minima.
Inspection for wall recuctions in aluminium
using an absolute probe.
Signal indication in Yt mode like
on an oscilloscope.
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EddyCationSmart kit in full configuration
Probe arrays provide meaningful images without much effort. Such arrays need be neither
expensive nor complicated. MORE
In the full configuration the Kit includes the smartphone, a reference collection for most important exercises and a compensated absolute probe.
Eddy current inspection - what is it? MORETraining with EddyCation - MORE    For further information mail to
Learn eddy current inspection playing! MOREFAQs